Yahoo Upgrades Core Products

NEW YORK Just a month after the company relaunched its heavily trafficked home page, Yahoo unveiled a series of improvements to three of its core products: Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo Search.

The enhancements to three of Yahoo’s most popular properties come during a company-wide initiative aimed at making Yahoo more central to users’ Web lives, said officials.

Last month, the company introduced several features to that let users further customize their content experience, while also allowing them to integrate other online communications — including those initiated on non-Yahoo properties. The portal’s mission, said Yahoo CMO Elisa Steele during a press conference on Monday, is to “be the center of people’s online lives. It’s that simple to us.”

Among the changes Yahoo laid out on Monday were a string of new applications built for Yahoo Mail — some by Yahoo insiders and some by outside developers. For example, users can now send and respond to Evite invitations directly from their in-boxes, and seamlessly drag large files of photos to share with friend groups via a new app.

In addition, via the new version of Yahoo Messenger, users can make free full-screen video calls, and also track updates from friends on alternate communications platforms like Twitter.

Yahoo also revealed several tweaks to its search platform, despite the fact that given the company’s recent deal with Microsoft, its search results and algorithm will likely soon be powered by another company. However, when the Microsoft/Yahoo deal was finally announced a few weeks ago, Yahoo officials insisted that Yahoo Search would retain its own look, feel and user experience.

So, Yahoo execs announced several new features for its current search product. Users will be able to filter through search results by content source and file type. Plus, Yahoo promised that its Search product will be able to deliver more relevant results based on users’ recent search histories.

Nielsen Business Media