Yahoo! UK Social Find of the Year 2007 Award Goes to Dog Community Site

Yahoo released their annual awards for the most interesting and innovative websites of the year and in social category the award goes to Doggy Snaps – place where people can talk about their dogs. Similar to it’s closest brothers like Dogster or Pawspot Doggy Snaps allows you to communicate with other pet owners and talk about similar topic, exchange information and find out a bunch of interesting stuff about your dog.

Dog Community SiteI’m not the user of these networks but I have a feeling that Doggy Snaps is more interactive network than others and is more about dogs not their owners. You can upload photos of your dog, write interesting stories and adventures from to let others know more about your dogs personality. Of course none of these social networks can live without forum where people can talk about some problems and give advices to each other.

I think that this award to Doggy Snaps one more time shows that there are great opportunities and power in niche social networks. And it isn’t surprising that this Yahoo award goes to niche social site not a general social network. I would like to know do you use some of the niche social networks? Leave a comment below!

p.s. Other award winners you can see here. And remember cast your vote to People’s Choice Award – there are only 8 days left!