Yahoo Pink Slips Entire ‘Design Innovation’ Team


Sad news also coming from Yahoo, in case you missed this one too late last week. We found by way of Striped:Shirt that Portfolio magazine is confirming that, among the 1,000 people laid off by the web company recently, were Yahoo’s Design Innovation Team. And not just a few people from that section of the company, but everyone involved. Portfolio has some details, but Striped:Shirt has some more on why this was a rough team to lose, including a lot of valuable links. Here’s a little about the confirmation:

“Yahoo Design Innovation team has been shut down completely,” wrote Doug Fritz, a former full-time staffer for the team, in an email.

The team had been working on next generation design projects. This week, more than 1,000 Yahoo employees have been let go as the troubled Web portal struggles to cope with operating costs that are rising much faster than revenue is growing.