Yahoo! is Bringing More Ads to Tumblr

It’s now official: Yahoo! has purchased Tumblr for $12.75 and a pack of Newports. With the deal done, Marissa Mayer, Yahoo!’s CEO, wasted no time explaining one way they’re going to make money off the acquisition: Ads on ads on ads.

In a conference call, Mayer said that Yahoo! will bring more advertisements to the Tumblr dashboard and even negotiate with some users to implement ads on their sites. As Business Insider reports, Mayer said the dashboard change involve only “a very light ad load,” but seeing as it’s relatively ad-free now, it’ll be interesting to see how people feel about this.

Of course if Tumblr users complain about Yahoo! bringing more ads into their world, we could just remind them that Tumblr is free and so they really stop bitching.