Yahoo Guilty of an ‘Astonishing Display of PR Incompetence’

Ouch, headline. The question follows: what, exactly, did Yahoo do that so thoroughly irritated Kara Swisher of AllThingsD yesterday?

Well, quite a few Yahoo Mail users have lodged their complaints after the service’s technically challenged re-launch in October, because apparently some people still use Yahoo Mail.

Seems Jeff Bonforte, the man in charge of the product, told attendees at a November event that users were so attached to the service that someone would need to “kick [them] hard” in their slouchy posteriors in order to get them to abandon it. So…brand loyalty?

This was probably not the best way to make light of the many, many tech problems (outages, etc.) plaguing the purple monster. But the company has been almost completely silent on the matter, hence the Swisher quote in our headline. While insiders say it’s all about waiting until the tech problems are clear before responding, the only official communications released by Yahoo have been unhelpful “we’re working on it” tweets.

Bonforte addressed the issue on the Yahoo Mail blog, because that is a thing, but the message amounted to a new version of “Yes, there’s a problem, and we’re working on it. Trust us.”

Did these guys learn nothing from Obamacare?