Yahoo! Doubles Maternity Leave & Adds Paid Paternity Leave

WhenYahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer nixed the company’s telecommuting policy, it snagged headlines and created dialogue around working remotely. Well, her new policy regarding parenting is turning heads, too.

Mayer chose not to take a lengthy maternity leave last fall after giving birth to her son, but according to a piece in The Wall Street Journal, she’s generously extending her company’s parenting policies.

Yahoo! is now going to offer up to 16 weeks of paid leave for new mothers which is about twice the length of time from the previous policy. They’re also adding a paid paternity leave which will cover eight weeks of paid leave for new fathers and mothers encompassing having children through adoption, foster care or surrogacy.

There’s more: New parents will receive money to spend on household expenses to the tune of $500. And get this — employees who get new pets get perks, too like dog collars with the company logo.

Per the piece, the company offers an unpaid sabbatical of eight weeks for every five years of employment and it will continue to provide $5,000 when an employee adopts a child.