XXL Announces Shuttering Of Giant

We all know there are some major beefs between prominent hip-hop artists. No one is very eager to see Sug Knight and P. Diddy in the same room and we’re pretty sure we’re never going to see Jay-Z with his arm around Nas, but beefs between magazines, now that’s just unheard of in our industry.
Not any more apparently. According to Folio XXL is duking it out with rival hip-hop magazine Giant right now. Just to give you a little history, XXL publisher Harris had to shutter one of their two prominent hip-hop magazines two weeks ago. After pulling the plug on the magazine King, they have doubled their efforts in generating revenue for XXL. Part of this push is to bring down rival magazine Giant apparently.
In a press release sent to media buyers&#151and published here on Animal New York&#151Harris warns that Giant is on the brink of folding just like their publication King and Alpha Media Group’s music magazine Blender.
The press release goes on to state, “The last two issues had less than twenty total ad pages and as a savvy media professional you can calculate their total revenue per issue and that it isn’t nearly enough to come even close to break even.” It then implores advertisers to, “take a hard look at your print partners and invest with those that are credible, viable, proven and trusted.”
Wow, we love that publishers are predicting the demise of other magazines now. Saves us the trouble of having to actually drum up statistics and report on stories ourselves. We’ll see in the next few months if Harris’ warnings are true or just a dirty way of drumming up sales for their own magazine. If it’s the last latter, we can probably expect retaliation from Giant soon.