XM To Don Imus: Not Interested


Don Imus, who begins his next radio incarnation on WABC in New York December 3rd, will not be media multi-platforming with XM radio any time soon. XM Satellite Chairman Gary Parsons yesterday told the Reuters Media Summit that after the XM-Sirius merger the company would not be interested in taking on Don Imus, thank you very much. From Reuters:

”’Imus appears to have found a home that he’s happy with, and he’s back on the air, so I don’t see any value from our standpoint … I don’t see any interest in that at this time.”’

Parsons added that the combined XM-Sirius entity would not be interested in any more high-priced talent. The highest paid radio/satellite personality ever, Howard Stern, was hired at an ungodly sum to drum up subscriptions (which he did, nicely).

The pendulum swings; that era is over. Mel Karmazin, the CEO of Sirius, revealed at a meeting with the editorial board of The Chicago Tribune earlier this month that Howard is paid $80 million a year in cash.

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