XM Subscribers Outraged Over Opie And Anthony Suspension


Opie And Anthony fans are threatening to cancel their XM subscriptions — some even talking lawsuits — after the satellite radio company suspended the shock jocks for 30 days over comments by a homeless guest about Laura Bush and Condoleezza Rice aired last week on the show.

For some reason, FishbowlNY has been cc’d on some e-mails fans have been sending to XM and other journalists covering the story. Like this one, for instance:

There are thousands upon thousands calling to cancel. XM is offering 6 months free to stay, even free radios. One XM rep supposedly told a fellow O&A fan (which this man claimed to be) that on Tuesday alone almost 20,000 subscriptions where canceled.

I took a credit for 9 months of service, 1 month for each radio. I have decided though that if they are not on the air by Monday, all 9 of my subs will be canceled. If they come back on air, which is a big if, they are most likely fired and XM is trying to do damage control, I might turn on one radio just to test the waters.

I think this is going to be a bigger hit then XM realizes.

P.S. These same angry fans are also writing letters to the FCC, Senators and Congressman about the merger. That the merger has not even gone through yet (although another XM Retention Agent supposedly told a fan that the merger has already happened) and already it is causing the companies to make bad choices for their listeners. It is all about making more money for themselves, it is not about delivering what the subscribers want.


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