WWD Keeps It Glassy for New York Fashion Week

You know, we really doubted Google Glass there for a minute.

Somehow, the world’s nerdiest eyewear continues to score media wins: the latest is the news, announced this morning, that WWD will include a “Glass Menagerie” in its New York Fashion Week coverage. What does that mean? Here’s your answer:

WWD isn’t just highlighting Glass, either.

According to the release, reporters will also use the newest Google+ toy “Auto Awesome”, which literally turns shiny objects into shimmering GIFs. The mag’s Google+ page—which already has 57,000 followers—will also schedule Hangouts like this one with top beauty bloggers as part of its “Beauty Digital Forum.”

Google+ lifestyle partnerships manager Bette Ann Schlossberg summarized the partnership, saying, “WWD readers can truly see what the editors are seeing” (though she forgot to add “SCORE!”).

Of course it’s also great PR for top designers because it allows the average fashion fan with a wi-fi connection to get a look behind the scenes with Richard Chai, BCBG and other brands we’ve never heard of.

What do we think? (Oh, and someone please make this coat shimmer, stat.)

@PatrickCoffee patrick.coffee@adweek.com Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.