WSJ’s Alan Murray Talks Online Growth

A lot has changed since Wall Street Journal deputy managing editor and executive editor, online Alan Murray joined the paper in 1983. We sat down with Murray as a part of our Media Beat interview series to get his perspective on the growth of the organization’s web presence.

We discussed the growing WSJ video operation, which Murray told us is now approaching 10 million streams a month. “Video is just an extension of what we do on a regular basis,” Murray explains. “It’s just a much richer interaction with our readers and users.”

Also, we got an update on the “Greater New York” section recently launched by the WSJ. “There is a crisis going on in American newspapers,” Murray says. “And what Mr. Murdoch said was, ‘There’s still a lot of people out there who want a newspaper delivered to their front door. And they’re gonna be there for a long time — not forever — but they’re gonna be there for a long time. If we expand what we provide them in terms of general news and, even better, if we can add on that some local news, they’ll make that us.”

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