WSJ. Now Has Awards

For some reason award ceremonies keep multiplying, despite the fact that if everyone wins something, it doesn’t really have much value. Unfortunately, winning the Goodyear Tire Happiness Trophy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re the happiest person around. However, none of this has stopped WSJ. magazine from starting its own awards ceremony.

Next Thursday at MoMa, the magazine will honor people it’s dubbing the “Innovators of the Year.” WWD reports that some of the winners include Katie Grand for fashion, Ai Weiwei for art, Steve Ells for food, Joris Laarman for design and Bjarke Ingels for architecture. The theme will also be carried over into the next issue, which will be published on October 29.

For what it’s worth, Deborah Needleman, the Editor-in-Chief of WSJ., seems to understand the absurdity of it all. “Of course everybody has an awards ceremony, and I was never more aware of than I am right this minute producing one, how many there are out there, but innovation is sort of — I hate this word — the DNA of the magazine,” said Needleman.

In other words, “Yes it’s stupid but we’re doing it anyway.”