WSJ in 90 Seconds

WSJ_cover060911_2.jpg9/11 Edition:

  • Christopher Hitchens: What media and Bush call “attack on America” is really an attack on civilization.
  • Donald Rumsfeld: Fighting a war on terror “while fighting a war in the media on a global stage”.
  • U.S. economy — which didn’t tank — is “the ultimate hardened target.”
  • Reports from 9/11: * An editor recounts his brushes with death at the scene. * “In the next few days I am going to wish that I had not seen any of this.” * “I’m still trembling as the news reports stream in.”
  • * Comment board: “Unfortunately, our governemnt does not know where to place our frustrations. Overtime we will. Our economy is the strongest in the world.”

  • Can fashion be copyrighted?
  • Monitoring tools used to catch leakers.
  • Nightline gains on Letterman.