WSJ in 90 Seconds


  • Verizon, trying to get more into TV and take it to cable, loses patience with Microsoft engineers, starts doing its own code for set-top boxes.
  • Nature magazine opens peer review process to comments online.
  • New search technology allows surfing of audio. Can ads be far behind?
  • Maybe Apple won’t be prosecuted for cornering the online music market (because you can actually convert their files and use them on non-iTunes devices). Or you can get your music direct, sans computer, from Rhapsody. Or try out Microsoft’s Zune.
  • Gordon Paris will step down as CEO of Sun-Times Media Group. New York office to close.
  • Yahoo taps media exec., not on shoulder, for Marketplaces Unit.
  • How do you put a face on the faceless conglomerate? Um, buy ads on The New York Times‘ editorial page? No, no, no … not just that. You spend $20 million on a branding campaign.