WSJ Continues to be Wary of Facebook

"We don’t believe that panic and pandering is a strategy."

While most media companies are in deep with Facebook, The Wall Street Journal remains a hold out.

The paper isn’t paid by Facebook to produce Facebook Live content (like BuzzFeed, The New York Times and others) and the only articles available on the Facebook Instant Articles platform are the Journal’s tech stories.

The Journal simply does not want to hand over data and control to Facebook, which it tends to view as a rival, not a partner.

Raju Narisetti, News Corp’s senior vice president of strategy, told Bloomberg that while other media companies are “willing to subsume their identity underneath the embrace of a large platform,” News Corp doesn’t believe in “panic and pandering.”

“[News Corp must] resolve ​to not mortgage our future​ ​for the​ latest ‘new-new’​ ​seductive ​​feature ​dangled as a come-hither by those who have no desire to pay for the creation and sustenance of vital journalism,” added Narisetti.