WSJ Asks Staffers to Try Not to Be So Ugly

The Wall Street Journal has a problem. One or more staffers who appear on its video series, “WSJ Live,” is ugly and doesn’t know it. And because these people don’t realize they’re walking around with unfortunate faces, the paper’s editors were forced to send out a memo.

The note, obtained by Jim Romensko, reminds everyone that they need makeup before getting in front of the camera. The nudging was needed because apparently some at the paper don’t own irons, have issues with combs, and actively cultivate face grease:

People are watching – and they are watching you. All of us appearing on-air should take care to present ourselves in the best light possible, and that includes physical appearance. As many of our regular guests already know, neat and professional dress, combed hair and a quick visit to our resident makeup artist on the 6th floor is encouraged before each appearance for both men and women – even for just a quick dash of powder. You want the spotlight focused on your stellar journalism – not shining off your forehead.