Writer and Director Attached to Film About Frank Lloyd Wright, Taliesin

For being such a household name in a field not known for having many that well know, it’s odd that there’s never been a non-documentary film about Frank Lloyd Wright. It makes it particularly odd considering what a nice role it would be for some Oscar-hungry actor, given Wright’s often rough and difficult-to-endure personality, pared with his genius for design (he’s clearly the Steve Jobs of his era). That might soon be about to change, as the Hollywood Reporter reports that the writer behind The Informant!, Nicholas Meyer, has penned Taliesin, a film about the architect’s home in rural Wisconsin. The paper continues with news that Bruce Beresford, perhaps best known for Driving Miss Daisy, has signed on to direct. He tells the Reporter, “It doesn’t cover his whole life, just a small section of it, and it doesn’t whitewash him into some sort of saint.” As to who will star, the pair is staying tight lipped, but say they have someone in mind. Let us know who you’re thinking in the comments.