Wreck This App Author Returns With Scavenger Hunt App

Keri Smith the author of the bestselling book Wreck This Journal which was adapted into a bestselling app Wreck This App has a new app out based on a book from Penguin called The Pocket Scavenger.

The Pocket Scavenger app sends users on a mission. The app challenges users to find and photograph a series of different things including: “three different textures”, “something that was planted,” and “something you can only find in your local environment,” “a found note,” and “something with text on it.” and more.

The tool, which is designed to spur creativity, will let users make an alteration to the image. These alterations include activities like turning the material into a hat, adding new colors to it, or making it part of a self-portrait, for instance. Users are then encouraged to upload their creations to a map. The map will showcase all of the images from that specific location, and users can explore the work of other scavengers. The app also has share to social tools.