WPIX’s Greg Mocker Talks Soda Ban on CNN

Mayor Bloomberg’s soda ban was scheduled to go into effect tomorrow, meaning no more “gulps” larger than 16 ounces, or two-liters with a pizza. But a judge has invalidated the ban of sugary, super-sized drinks.

WPIX reporter Greg Mocker made his first CNN appearance yesterday to discuss the latest attempt by Bloomberg to get, if not force, the city to be healthy.

‘I just always talk from my point of view as a guy who lives in the city, is amazed by it, and confused by it at times.” Mocker tells FishbowlNY.

His connection to the cable news network is the weekend executive producer, who had been producing Dr. Steve on WPIX and other Tribune stations.

“Maybe I can do some more of those,” Mocker says. “I think anytime we can talk about New York City is good.”

During the week, of course, viewers can find Mocker on the PIX News at Ten, tracking down an MTA official, or perhaps getting to the bottom of potholes.

“We have momentum at Channel 11,” Mocker says. “I like what we’re doing. There is a sense there that people are turning to us.”

Mocker says worrying about the ratings is not part of his job description.

Someone may have to do some worrying, though, as we reported PIX lost badly at 10 p.m. (and mornings) in the February sweeps period.

“Just to know that people have the tendency to maybe even switch the channel over and see what’s at 10’clock,” Mocker admits. “That’s an important thing I’m proud of.”

Earlier this month, a source told FishbowlNY, “With the impending sale, and Tribune out of bankruptcy I would expect changes everywhere, from interns to management. They need to clean house.”

Mocker, who joined WPIX in 2008, downplayed the potential dread.

“Isn’t there always some of that sense of urgency in what’s going to happen next? I think we are in a good position. Our new CEO [Peter Liquori] has had a couple of town hall meetings… He’s open to taking our questions. That’s a good thing. His office is here; we’re out of bankruptcy, so there are a lot of things that we can cross off the list.”

While Mocker remained close-mouthed with regards to Tamsen Fadal losing the “interim” tag as 5 p.m. and 10 p.m., he did praise the staff as a whole.

“We have the coolest, the most informative newscast at 10.”