WP.com Does Online Stuff

Two items worthy of note from Washingtonpost.com today:

  • The site announced today a partnership with the Technorati, one of the web’s leading blog search enginges, to let site readers see the reaction to Washington Post articles across the blogosphere. The service, a press release explained today, will search millions of blogs for postings and feature links to the most blogged about articles and the liveliest web discussions on Post content.

    “This partnership with Technorati lets the users in on that conversation by delivering the most interesting and lively discussions about washingtonpost.com content from some of the best and most popular blogs on the web,” WP.com exec editor Jim Brady said.

  • Also today, the Post internally announced the hiring of Chris Cillizza to run a politics blog that will compete with ABC’s Note and National Journal’s Hotline. “Chris will work from both our newsroom and The Washington Post, and the plan is to create a feature that no political professional, politics junkie or average Post/post.com reader can live without,” Washingtonpost.com’s Russ Walker told the staff today. “We’re still thinking through the blog specifics, so stay tuned. One thing we need is a name for it. If you’ve got an idea and we ultimately pick it, I’ll buy you a six-pack of your favorite beverage (sorry, no iPod handouts).”