WP Blog Officially Running (and Officially Boring)

Since Fishbowl questioned it earlier, we felt it was appropriate to point out that the WP Inaugural blog is up and running, and now contains lots of random tidbits like this one:

Shortly before President Bush arrived at St. John’s Episcopal Church for a prayer service this morning, a stern-faced man wearing an earpiece walked from the church and met another stern-faced man who handed him a gorgeous, full-length, black fur coat that had been retrieved from a nearby car.

Holding the garment at arm’s length, as if it were a new pelt, the first stern-faced man returned to the church, where he passed it to another man. As he returned to join his partner in the car, he was asked to name the owner of the coat. “That was Mrs. Mineta’s,” he replied, referring to the wife of Transportation Secretary Norman Y. Mineta.

So it was cold in the church?

“Apparently so,” he responded.

UPDATE: CNN’s pundits are currently debating whether Bush’s speech was “tough” or “stern.”