Would You Stay With an Employer That Demoted You?

If you’re in tune to the latest TV headlines (and even if you’re not), listen up. Randy Jackson was demoted from a judge to a mentor on American Idol and then was named a judge again.

So, the question is, similar to Randy’s situation, would you remain with a company that demoted you?

Of course, in a slow economy the first reaction is probably, “Yes.” After all, finding a new job isn’t too swift these days but maybe you would start to look right away?

The message you’re receiving, unfortunately, is that the employer keeps you around but doesn’t quite appreciate nor recognize your skills, assets, and experiences. If you grin and bear it until another landing another job, you’ll need to be cordial and respectful in the interim.

You may be kicking yourself for not looking externally sooner since a few telltale signs for a pending demotion could include decreased responsibility and also a re-organization. If your group is changing around roles and responsibilities, you may want to raise that hand and volunteer for specific projects so you remain on top of your game and have face time with management.

And even if you spot a demotion on the horizon, try to gain more responsibilities and add more value while looking externally. If the demotion actually happens, will you be as fortunate as Jackson to get your original role back? And if so, would you even want it at that point?

Well, that depends on the situation. If you’re respectful and cordial (translation: Refuse to bad mouth your employer even when colleagues try to bring it out of you), there may be another re-org or change of mind that is out of your control. That’s the thing — all of this is out of your control anyway so the only thing in your control is your own attitude, behavior, and of course actions.

Keep your head to the grindstone and churning out work — even though your morale may need a little boost, the good news is you still have a pay check for now. That is, until a better job comes along externally.