Worth Noting: Taibbi on Jong, Again

15101911gg15101914-large.jpgRemember back in April when Matt Taibbi and Erica Jong had that little spat over his reference to Hillary’s “flabby arms.” Well over at HuffPo, in the course of a conversation about his new book “The Great Derangement,” Taibbi is reflecting a bit on the exchange:

It’s funny, I had somebody, one of my friends said to me, “You’re lucky the person who attacked you for being a sexist was such an idiot! (Laughs) Because otherwise you would have had a much harder time!” I don’t know what that was about, I mean Erica Jong wrote this crazy thing that I had some Freudian desire to sleep with my mother because I described Hillary Clinton’s arms as being flabby. If you read a lot of the sites and the campaign coverage this year, there was an awful lot of Hillary supporters who were really angry about what happened with this election season, and the perceived sexist treatment of their candidate. I think there was a lot of real anger there and I got caught up in that, I think unfairly because I’m not a misogynist, I’m a misanthrope! That was my point to Erica Jong. She said I was singling out women, and in fact I probably meaner to men in my writing that I am to women. But, there has been an awful lot of that and I think it continues to be a sore spot, especially for older female supporters of Hillary Clinton. They really think there was a conspiracy out to get Hillary and that men were out to undermine her candidacy. That may on some level be true, but I just don’t whether it was true of me.