Worldchanging Says Make This Earth Day Your Last


As you embark on your Earth Day weekend (that’s Sunday, April 22 for those of you who forgot), a bit of context to accompany your sustainably-designed celebrations. Over at the online home of big book Worldchanging, Alex Steffens and Sarah Rich have an interesting take on the occasion: end Earth Day now:

The biggest problem with Earth Day is that it has become a ritual of sympathy for the idea of environmental sanity. Small steps, we’re told, ignoring the fact that most of the steps most frequently promoted (returning your bottles, bringing your own bag, turning off the water while you brush your teeth) are of such minor impact (compared to our ecological footprints) that they are essentially meaningless without larger, systemic action as well. The strategy of recycling as a gateway drug — get them hooked on it and we can move them on to harder stuff — has failed miserably. We can do better.