Facebook Is King, But Twitter Chasing As Dominant Social Network Around The World [INFOGRAPHIC]

Vincenzo Cosenza has been updating his World Map Of Social Networks since June 2009, which tracks the dominant social networks on a country-by-country basis, according to data received from Alexa and Google.

Cosenza has just published his latest infographic and, as you would expect, the social world is dominated by Facebook. In fact, it’s always been dominated by Facebook, so much so that the total number of social networks represented on the map has shrunk from 17 in June 2009 to just nine today. And Twitter isn’t one of them.

But it’s not all bad news for the bird, as additional data from Cosenza confirms that Twitter is now the number two social network on the planet.

Here’s Cosenza’s first infographic from June 2009 (click to enlarge):

Back then 17 social networks were dominant, including platforms familiar in the West such as Facebook, Orkut, and Friendster, and also some less well-known sites that are popular in Russia and Asia.

Fast-forward to June 2011, and this is how things look today:

Thanks to Facebook’s phenomenal growth – Mark Zuckerberg’s baby had about 227 million users in June 2009, but two years later is closing in on 700 million – the total number of networks represented is down to just nine. Indeed, Facebook is the number one social network in an incredible 119 out of 134 countries analysed, conquering even Iran and Syria in the last six months, and has Brazil and the Netherlands up next in its cross-hairs.

And while Russia and China persist on doing things their way, you’d have to think that in a year or two we’ll probably be looking at just three or four social networks on Cosenza’s map. Maybe even less.

You’ll have noticed that Twitter isn’t the main social network in even one country. But that doesn’t mean Twitter isn’t doing extremely well overall, as you can see from this table.

Cosenza’s research puts Twitter as the number two network in many key areas, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the USA. Yellow backgrounds show new entries since the last update. As things stand, LinkedIn looks to have a firm grip on the number three spot.

Clearly, nobody on this chart has any chance of catching Facebook anytime soon. But you would have to think that the only network with a realistic opportunity at making up ground over time is Twitter, certainly if Facebook’s decline in traffic from the USA and Canada is the beginning of a new trend. It will be interesting to see where things stand this time next year, as both platforms continue their charge to be the first network to one billion users.

(Source: Vincos.it. Hat tip: Techcrunch.)