Work in New York Media? Get up to Speed on This

Heard of the Semantic Web? Did you know that it’s here? Want to know how it’s going to affect your job?  The Semantic Web is already changing the way you consume information on the Internet. It’s also being used across the media world for applications such as advanced media monitoring, analytics, publishing, ad targeting, content distribution and SEO.

Just ask Hearst, the Associated Press and The New York Times. They have whole teams working on how Semantic platforms will transform what they do. Publishers as diverse as the BBC, Elsevier, CBS Interactive, and The Huffington Post have implemented Semantic Technologies in different ways. So coming up next month, we’re going to get many of these companies in a room to talk about it.

Media professionals and Semantic Web thought leaders from around the world will gather in New York on September 14 for the Web Media Summit.

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