Words are ‘Page Clutter to Be Eliminated’ and Other Tips from ‘Magazine Designer’s Guide to Magazines’

We know that infographics are so 2010, but this one, tweeted by Businessweek’s Richard Turley, is too hilarious to pass up. Maybe this is old? We’re not sure, but the “Magazine Designer’s Guide to Magazines” includes guidelines that seem to be spot on: Editors are “A person you ignore except when they are praising you,” the best way to solve a design problem in men’s mags is to place giant pictures of Megan Fox around a tiny bit of text, and a “how to layout” guide for several magazines, including The New York Times Magazine:

  1. Congratulate yourself and co-workers for working at The New York Times
  2. Eat entire Toblerone bar
  3. Open family sized chip packet
  4. Have lunch
  5. Agonize for five hours over bespoke caption treatment
  6. Return home to shared apartment in Brooklyn to play with pet-rescue dog

See? It’s funny! Click here for an expandable view of the infographic.

Turley just confirmed that this graphic is a year old, which makes it like 573 years old in Internet Time, but we don’t care. It’s still good.