Woodward Roundup

One of the stories floating just below the surface of Plame Novak Rove Libby Miller Woodward-gate is this:

Len Downie has indicated that the Post would print Woodward’s source if another reporter acquired it independently. The Note calls that “a slippery slope” and they’re probably right. As one FishbowlDC reader wrote: “That sounds an awful lot like what happens in a blown criminal investigation after a court throws out evidence for constitutional violations (fruit of the poisonous tree). If the cops can get evidence to the same effect independently (ha-ha) of their constitutional violations, they can use it. It sounds tawdry in law enforcement and it sounds tawdry in journalism.”

Reader thoughts?

  • Dick’s not Woodward’s “Deep Throat.”

    So who is?)(From the Note: “The Wall Street Journal’s McKinnon and Squeo also seem to tip towards Marc Grossman and Armitage as Woodward’s first source.”)

  • Leon Panetta and Tom Rosenstiel discuss the issue.

  • Arianna’s got 15 questions for Woodward.