Woo! More Temp Workers Are Becoming Permanent

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flickr: nDevilTV

Temporary staffing firms have seen big jumps in the number of their workers who transition from temporary to full-time positions, another positive signal that the economy is on its way to recovery.

In a normal economy, according to Jonas Prising, head of staffing firm Manpower’s Americas division, one in three temporary workers is made full-time. During the recession, that number plunged to one in ten, but his firm has seen a small increase in temp-to-hire hiring.

Adecco has seen a 50% increase in its ratio of temp-to-hire; and a smaller firm, Chicago-based Employco Group, told USA TODAY that its temps were back to being hired at a rate of 30%.

Temporary employment jumped in February by 48,000 jobs, even as the economy as a whole shed 38,000 workers.