Women of Camelot: Generation 2.0

bobbygrls.pngAh the eternal appeal of the Kennedys, they never seem to grow tiresome — at least where the magazine world is concerned. This month marks the fortieth anniversary of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, and the magazines are showing their love. Vanity Fair has the 1968 presidential hopeful on its cover and in its June issue Glamour is featuring an interview with his daughters and grandaughters. After the jump, some choice bits including answers to the most pressing question of the day: Obama or Hillary?

When my uncle [John Kennedy] was killed, my father gave me a handwritten note that ended with this simple request: ‘Be kind to others and work for your country. Love, Daddy.’ Grief gives you two choices. you can curse your fate and be angry. Or you can use that grief to reach out to others. — Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

I’m backing Obama even though he is not a woman. [Laughs.] He is simply the best candidate for the job. While I would love to see a woman become president, this is not a time when we can afford to vote on gender politics. But I do have a great deal of respect for Hillary. — Rory Kennedy

Has my family changed? What do you think? I’m campaigning for Hillary. So are Kerry and Bobby, but the rest of them are backing the guy!” — Kathleen Kennedy Townsend on Kennedy family politics