Women Flocking to Facebook: Female/Male Ratio Hits New High

Women have always made up a larger share of the Facebook user base than men. But according to the latest Facebook stats, the female/male ratio has just hit an all time high in July since we started tracking last year. US women now outnumber men on Facebook 1.35 to 1 as of today.

Women outnumber men in every age bracket

Let’s take a look at how today’s numbers break down: as you can see, US women outnumber men in every age bracket. But the disparity has become more pronounced amongst users 26-54: women outnumber men by over 2 million in each age bracket in that range.

Nearly 10 million American women 26-34 are active on Facebook every month, compared to under 7.2 million men. Almost 8 million women 35-44 are active Facebook users, but just over 5.7 million men in that range. And amongst users 45-54, women outnumber men 5.3 million to 3.3 million.

How many more women than men joined Facebook in the last 30 days?

Now, let’s take a look at how things have changed just in the last 30 days. The trends are clear: more women than men are joining Facebook in every age bracket. Nearly twice as many US women 26-34 joined Facebook in the last month than men did – a staggering difference.

In fact, the fastest growing age group for men is currently in the 35-44 age range, at just over 500,000. That’s still remarkably fast, but not nearly as many has the 870,000 women 35-44 that joined Facebook in the last month alone. Over 880,000 women 26-34 joined Facebook in the last 30 days, compared to just 450,000 men in that age bracket. And amongst baby boomers, women joining Facebook outnumber men significantly: 425,000 to 275,000.

If anything, the female/male ratio looks like it’s only going to grow.

What about growth rates?

However, despite the increase in women across the board, one group of men is actually growing at a faster rate than their female counterparts: men over 55. The number of men over 55 has grown by 19%, or 275,000 users, in the last month. The number of women over 55 only grew by 16.9% (though the actual number of women over 55 joining was quite larger – over 425,000).

It’s interesting that Facebook is growing by over 10% monthly still today in many key US demographics. With over 77 million monthly active users in the US, over 25% of the US population is logging on to Facebook every month, yet Facebook is still showing healthy signs of growth across the board. The weakest category, men 18-25, still showed 5% month over month growth.

Current Age Breakdown of US Facebook Users

Finally, here’s the latest breakdown of the Facebook audience by age as of today. Over 60% of Facebook users are now over the age of 25. Compare that to just under one year ago, when users 18-25 made up over 50% of the total Facebook population.

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