Women Beat Men in Holiday Shopping Smartphone Use

Smartphone use for holiday shopping has been incredible this year. Google estimates that 78 percent of smartphone users are putting some sort of mobile app to work this season, with price comparison functionality the top draw. Consumer spending still isn’t what it was, so we’re all still looking for a deal. And, the ubiquity of iPhones, Droids, BlackBerries and such makes this a no-brainer.

Where there’s a trend, of course, there’s data behind it, and eMarketer is deep in the weeds on this. Its latest report reveals more than a third of women are using their phones to make holiday shopping a bit more effective, while men fall behind (at only 28 percent). There are ethnic differences, as well:

Mobile shopping habits also split across racial and ethnic lines. Asian, black and Hispanic respondents were all at least 12 percentage points more likely than whites to place any importance on their phone for shopping. The differences were even more dramatic among respondents who classified their phone as very important: 40% of black respondents said so, compared with just 24% of whites.

The gaps close when it comes to age, however. Teens are adopting more aggressively, at 79 percent, but that isn’t far from the over-30 crowd, 74 percent of which is using smartphones to facilitate holiday season shopping.

According to eMarketer, 62 percent of mobile phone users are looking for price advantages, making it the top reason. Only 46 percent used their phones for comparison shopping while in a retail store.