Woman Up on “Anti-Earthquake” Movement

ist2_985366-xx-red-female-chromosomes.jpgIt’s way, way too early in the day for me to have downed an entire bottle of Woman Up, the feminist blog on the Politics Daily Web site. But the damage is done. I’ve already watched latest Woman Up’s version of ABC’s “The View” and “Steel Magnolias” all rolled into one at least five times and I’m so loopy I can barely wait for next week’s installment.

Politics Daily Host and Editor-in-Chief Melinda Henneberger keeps things dignified and talks about the nasty vitriol of conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, “700 Club’s” Pat Robertson and MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann. She wonders why Haiti couldn’t be treated as a non-partisan issue.

The gems on Sunday’s web show are plentiful. Columnist Patricia Murphy has had it with so many men on TV. “I want to take this moment to say there are too many men on television. … I don’t think a woman would be this ridiculous, this disgusting, this completely nauseating in response to something that is a genuine tragedy.” (Yeah. Damn those men and all their testosterone on political talk TV. They’re such a manly bunch.) Columnist Emily Miller is her usual bold self (if you recall, on a recent episode she kept hilariously repeating the word “bitch”). This time, she said: “I’ve been to Haiti and it looks like an earthquake before the earthquake.” She’s referring to the “level of poverty.”

The grand prize for I-don’t-know-what (but something great) goes to contributor Ria Misra for her BY FAR best line of the day. She thinks the remarks of Robertson and Limbaugh will backfire. “I think Americans on all sides are very much anti-earthquake,” she said straight-faced. (There isn’t a Pro-Earthquake movement out there in Utah someplace?)

Good stuff.

Watch the video here.