Paramount Offers LA Commuters a Wall Street Wink

DiCaprioInstagramSuperBowlIt’s one of Sunset Blvd.’s most well-positioned billboard locations. Sitting at the northeast corner of the La Cienega Blvd. intersection, this canvas greets the flow of eastbound commuters as they wait, often in slow-crawl traffic, to cross over towards The Mondrian, the House of Blues and The Standard.

Per Scott Feinberg of The Hollywood Reporter, this strategic spot is now home to the funniest of four new billboards promoting The Wolf of Wall Street during the penultimate stage of 2013 film awards season. The billboard references a line in the movie uttered by DiCaprio’s character Jordan Belfort about morphine. Click over to the THR item to see a pic; the awards blogger also got this comment from the studio:

A Paramount spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter, “It’s one of the great lines from the film. And in this season when we’re working hard and being smart and strategic, it’s also nice to have a little bit of fun. People who have seen the movie (hopefully) will have a little chuckle.”

There’s another really good reason for Paramount to park the DiCaprio flattery here. The actor lives not too far away, west and up the hill. As is the case with many of these billboards, the intent is as much to catch the attention of the actor(s)/artists in question as it is to sway Academy voters.

[Photo of DiCaprio at Super Bowl XLVIII via: Just Jared]

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