An Epic Film Collaboration That Began 5 Decades Ago at NYU

Wall Street Journal film features writer Rachel Dodes has the next best thing to a new Martin ScorseseThelma Schoonmaker movie: an interview piece about their 46-year collaboration.

So often, great things come from modest beginnings. In other words, neither one of these artists schemed in 1967 to conquer the world, garner X amount of Twitter followers or Y Facebook likes. Instead, they just started collaborating and to the benefit of us all, continue this holiday season with The Wolf of Wall Street:

Schoonmaker, 73, met Scorsese 50 years ago while she was taking a summer-editing course at NYU. She helped him edit his first feature film, 1967’s Who’s That Knocking at My Door. They stayed in touch, working together on Woodstock, a 1970 documentary, but didn’t start collaborating regularly until Raging Bull.

Soon thereafter, Scorsese introduced Schoonmaker to one of his filmmaking heroes, the late director Michael Powell, who became her husband. He died in 1990.

Dodes’ piece includes hilarious mention of the fact that when Schoonmaker was busting a gut in the editing room over 20-minutes of SEC deposition scene footage (the scene was eventually cut down to five minutes), her worried assistants checked up on her because their boss’ “cackling” sounded more akin to something that required the Heimlich maneuver. Classic. Read the rest of the WSJ article here.

Photo of Schoonmaker holding her 2006 Oscar for The Departed at Vanity Fair after-party: s_bukley/

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