WNYW Makes a 10 P.M. Newscast Sports Switcheroo

Change has come to the Fox 5 News at Ten. No, we’re not talking about the anchors. This is about the sports, and the fact that WNYW has at long last given sports its proper placement.

Since March 2011, WNYW made the wacky decision to deliver sports at the end of the newscast. If you hadn’t seen this, it meant the anchors, Ernie Anastos and Dari Alexander (until July 2, when Greg Kelly replaced Anastos) did their sign off as they threw it to the sports anchor, usually Russ Salzberg at the WWOR studios in Seacaucus.

It also meant, inexplicably, that the sports anchor was the person charged with saying good night to viewers and telling them what program is coming on next.

On Monday, July 9, the change was complete. There is only a subtle difference , throwing it back to Kelly and Alexander, who quickly say their closing pleasantries. Of course, as the lead anchors that was supposed to be their job all along.

Likely the tweaking was connected to Kelly, who moved over to the 10 p.m. desk only a week earlier. But we’re left to speculate, as WNYW isn’t giving FishbowlNY any reason for the incidental change.

While Channel 5 refuses to tell this reporter, “You were right,” it won’t even acknowlege the change that puts sports back within the newscast, instead of as a separate entity.

At the time of the newscast nuance last year, a WNYW spokeswoman told FishbowlNY that it was “just one of several new things the station is doing to shake things up and evolve, while remaining committed to give sports to viewers.”

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