With New “Via” Feature, Pages and Apps Should Encourage Fans to Reshare Viral Content More

While the “Share” action item in Facebook’s feed stories has never gotten that much attention, Facebook just increased the incentive for Pages and Apps to encourage their users to “reshare” feed content on their profiles with the release of the new “via” attribution feature.

Whereas before reshared content was not attributed, now reshared content includes a prominent link to the original publisher of the item – increasing the reward for people and Pages who post content that others like and reshare with increased links and traffic back to their Facebook Page.

This should encourage Page administrators to post links to content their fans might find interesting, even if the content isn’t owned by the Page itself. By encouraging users to reshare, Pages can ride the coat tails of viral content and get more links to their Page throughout the Facebook ecosystem.

However, note that at this time, Facebook’s “via” attribution feature doesn’t daisy-chain back to the original source: if a fan reshares your content and then one of their friends reshares it from them, your fan will be attributed in the via link, not you.

Nevertheless, even this first degree of attribution should increase the amount of content being resyndicated through Facebook via the “Share” functionality.