With Alltel Voicemail MAX, Have Stars Greet Your Friends

Alltel is launching a new voicemail service that, while letting subscribers make their phones even more personalized, kind of takes their personalities out of the equation.

The new Voicemail MAX service, developed by 9 Squared, lets users replace their outgoing voicemail greetings with canned messages from a slew of celebrity voices. Fierce Mobile Content reports that Alltel users can choose from more than 500 greetings from hip-hop and rock stars, actors, comedians and even cartoon characters. Some of the “marquee” celebs include Larry the Cable Guy, Steve Harvey, Orlando Jones, rapper T.I. and cast members from the Comedy Central series “Reno 911.”

Users can set individual greetings for different friends and family members, but it can get expensive since the greetings cost $2.99 each.