With A Site Like This, They’d Better Have A Cool Logo


Thanks to Veerle’s Blog’s excellent recap of the @media conference in London a couple of weeks back, we found our way over to a site we hadn’t seen before: Denis Radenkovic’s LogoLog. It’s an aptly named destination, as it just talks about great logos found out among this spacious planet of ours. And it’s the perfect place to waste away a few hours just appreciating great design, while also sparing you from jumping out the window when you’re trying to think up some new ideas and nothing is coming. And that’s why we all subscribe to all of those magazines and read all of these sites with all their portfolio links, right? So we can get excited and inspired by the work of other designers? Truthfully, no. We know we all do it because we like the thick, heavy advertising inserts that the paper companies put in magazines, making them almost impossible to read in any comfortable way. That’s why we do it. But still, that other stuff sounds better. Makes us sound artsy and everything.