Wired Ranks the Tech Wizards Influencing the 2016 Elections

The first list of its kind for Wired.

Who, in your deepest dystopian fears, controls the future? Robots? Celebrities? Corporations? The surveillance state? A U.S. government turned pure autocracy?

While Wired is not looking at the dark fantastic wilds of the future, it does have an opinion on who controls the 2016 elections, calling this year the one in which, “Silicon Valley—its players, its policy priorities, and, oh yes, its money—finally upstages the old 20th-­century power structure and seizes control of the political game,” according to Michael Hainey.

To accompany this hypothesis, Wired has produced its first ever ranked list of politics-specific tech influencers. It’s a list broad in scope, where usual suspects like Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Google’s–excuse us, Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt share space with political insiders like David Plouffe and Clinton campaign CTO Stephanie Hannon, as well as political non-profit workers like ActBlue executive director Erin Hill and the perennial clickbait that is Kimye.

Other notable appearances include Independent Journal founder Alex Skatell and Campaign Zero co-founders Brittany Packnett, Samuel Sinyangwe, Johnetta Elzie and DeRay Mckesson.

Check out the full list here.