Wired EIC Scott Dadich Discusses Digital Media

Valuable insight.

Photo: Joe Pugliese

Scott Dadich has been Wired’s editor since 2012, but he has been with the magazine and Condé in some capacity since 2006. He’s therefore more than qualified to discuss how magazines are adapting to the digital world. Below are some highlights from his interview with WWD.

On how Facebook has changed media:

Facebook is modifying its output algorithms and preferences and AutoPlay and everything that goes along with it. It’s so dynamic. It’s difficult to put a pin in where we are today or in a couple of weeks — only to say that it has to keep evolving and the pace is only going to accelerate.

On Apple and Apple News:

They’ve been really terrific. But are we frustrated by the numbers stuff? I would say ‘yes.’ We had great metrics and plans, but I wish we had real-time understanding like we do on wired.com.

On the value of paywalls:

I think it’s about the discreet offer of value. Wired has always been a free product [online], but that’s not to say we can’t come up with something that gives enough value to the reader for us to ask for some payment, whether that’s weekly or monthly.