Wired Editor Wants To Apply Long Tail‘s Transparency To Wired: ‘Let’s Wikify Everything’


On his Long Tail blog, Wired‘s Chris Anderson suggests “Wikifying everything,” including Wired:

Show who we are. All staff edit their own personal “about” pages, giving bios, contact details and job functions. Encourage anyone who wants to blog to do so. Have a masthead that actually means something to people who aren’t on it. While we’re at it, how about a real org chart, revealing the second dimension that’s purposely obscured in the linear ranking on a traditional masthead?

Upside: Readers know who to contact. The organization is revealed as a collection of diverse individuals, not just a brand, an editor and some writers.

Risk: Competitors know who to poach; PR people spam us even more than usual.

Additional risk: Organization is revealed to be a collection of boring, less-than-diverse individuals, so much so that PR people refuse to spam.


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