WINS Sports Anchor Campaigning Against ‘Wimbleton’

The All-England Club is the center of the sports universe. Beginning today, the Wimbledon Championships are underway across the pond in a suburb of London.

The pomp and circumstance, complete with the royal box in the stands, sets Wimbledon apart from other premiere sporting events.

However, even with all of that prestige, the sporting event must share at least some time with on-air mistakes. Calling the championship, established in 1877, “Wimbleton,” with a “t,” is almost as old as the grand slam tennis tournament.

WINS sports anchor Marc Ernay begins his second year at the helm of a project. Ernay aims to shine a light at those in the media who make the errors, encouraging a $1 punishment for the “infraction.”

“It’s more like a ‘kangaroo court’ relying on listeners & broadcast colleagues ro report ‘violators’ in a good-natured way,” Ernay tells FishbowlNY.

With a little help from his friends, Ernay will keep his social media followers updated.

“I’ll attempt to keep a running tally on Facebook & Twitter,” Ernay says.

Last year, though, Ernay said he was disappointed that those sites didn’t generate any “offenders” outside of New York City.

While Ernay could become a rich man from the numerous “Wimbleton” references, this is strictly for charity. Ernay again has hooked up with the Prostate Cancer Foundation, with donations being made at

As Ernay pointed out to FishbowlNY last year, “None of them responded directly to me, so I have no idea if they’re actually sending in any money.”

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