Wingnuts Target Barnes, O’Bierne

rebelinchief.jpgFred Barnes, your friendly neighborhood conservative pundit, is finding himself under attack from left-wingnuts with his new book, Rebel-in-Chief.

His book on Amazon is being weighed down by hundreds of negative reviews from left-wing bloggers and online nuts, and people are uploading their own images to the site like this one. Now Barnes is at least the second right-wing pundit to be attacked like this: The National Review’s Kate O’Bierne and her new book were hit last week.

Oh, and the left-winger who helped orchestrate last week’s attack on O’Bierne? She’ll be one of the panelists at today’s 1 p.m. online panel on civility. Sample quote from Jane Hamsher: “Sandpaper Snatch Kate O’Beirne” and “The bitch is dead meat.”

Remember: The is a strong backer of “civility.”