Windows Phone Apps Growing Faster Than Android Did at the Start? Here's Why…

In my previous entry, I said that I’m not seeing interesting new Windows Phone apps appearing in Microsoft’s marketplace. This doesn’t mean that new apps (including one uninteresting to me) are not appearing, however.

IDC: Windows Phone 7 marketplace ramping up “faster than Android” (

I think the comparison with Android’s app count is not a fair one, however. Android had a huge number of disadvantages when it launched in October 2008:

– It launched on the smallest of the “big four” U.S. mobile carriers, T-Mobile USA
– T-Mobile USA did not have a 3G network when the Android-based HTC G1 launched
– The HTC G1 was a horrible phone

Is there any wonder that this deadly combination did not inspire developers to build apps for Android? Android didn’t see any significant success until Verizon and Motorola launched the 100 million dollar ad campaign for the Droid late in 2009.

Windows Phone has the advantage of launching on both AT&T and T-Mobile. It also has a relatively large number of phone models to choose from (nine) that might appeal to different consumer segments. Microsoft has, apparently, been aggresively pursuing key developers to build apps for Windows Phone.