Windows Phone 7 PowerPoint Mobile: Email Attachments Work, But Cannot Be Store on the Phone?

I gave a short (less than 10 minutes) presentation earlier this week accompanied by a 20 slide slidedeck (I tend to flip through a lot of slides to help maintain attention). As part of the pre-meeting preparation, I emailed the PowerPoint slide deck to myself since Windows Phone 7 doesn’t have any integration between the cloud, for example, Microsoft SkyDrive and Windows Phone 7 Office (with the exception of OneNote or using a SharePoint server). PowerPoint Mobile provided an accurate rendering of my slide deck. However, as far as I can tell, the PowerPoint file is not accessible from a local store under Office Mobile itself. If I wanted to view the file’s contents a second time, I had to download the email attachment again.

I’m really enjoying using the HTC HD7. However, little quirks like these spoil an otherwise good experience. This particular issue is especially annoying since it worked as expected in the older Windows Mobile based phones (attachment could be saved and called up easily from local store later).

FYI: Here’s a bit of documentation for PowerPoint Mobile:

Use Microsoft PowerPoint Mobile

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