Windows Mobile RSS Feed Reader Options: FeedMe, iBrowz, NewsBreak

Microsoft’s has mentioned a pair of apparently free RSS feed readers for Windows Mobile smartphones in the past few weeks.

FeedMe: An RSS/Podcast Client for Windows Mobile

FeedMe (.CAB file download) was developed by a person on the Microsoft Surface team (Joe Chiu). It can download podcasts in RSS feeds.

FYI: You can find my mobile technology podcast RSS feed here.

iBrowz: A New RSS Reader for Windows Mobile

I don’t quite know what to make of this product intouch Group. It appears to be a free app. But, I’m not 100% certain of that.

I haven’t been using Windows Mobile much since late last year (2008). But, when I did I used…

Ilium Software NewsBreak

…which costs $19.95 and works on both touch and non-touch Windows Mobile smartphones. Like FeedMe, it can also download podcasts. I liked the fact that it could import OPML files to quickly kickstart using it.

BTW, if this item from TmoNews is correct…

T-mobile Inventory Reveals All!

…I’m considering buying what is called the HTC Touch Pro 2 Kit in the photo there.