Windows Mobile 6.5 Update Expected Availability Dates Posted by Microsoft

Do you have a Touch Pro 2 (like me), Dash 3G, Omnia 2, Snap, Touch Diamond 2, or some other Windows Mobile 6.1 that you would like to update to Windows Mobile 6.5? If so, Microsoft has a website for you…

Updating your phone to Windows Mobile 6.5

The site doesn’t actually tell you how to update your phone. However, it does provide a short list 9 Windows Mobile 6.1 phones that can be updated to 6.5. Of these 9 phones, 1 has an update available right now (the Samsung Jack), 4 have no update date yet (HTC Dash 3G, Samsung Epix, HTC Ozone, and HTC Snap), and 4 have availability dates of either sometime this month or January 2010 (Samsung Omnia 2, HTC Touch Diamond 2, HTC Touch Pro 2, Pharos Traveler 137).

If your Windows Mobile 6.1 phone gets updated in the next couple of weeks, please let me know by writing a comment here or tweeting me at @toddogaawara.