Win the Pimped Out John and Put Your Troubles Behind You!


Roto-Rooter is offering an online sweepstakes for its Pimped OutJohn, a bathroom throne for the gadget junkie. The fully loaded Kohler commode comes with a Philips 20-inch LCD TV; Star Wars DVD; Xbox 360; Philips DVD player; Gateway EMachine laptop with robot arm, iPod with docking station equipped with a toilet paper dispenser; TiVo; stocked Avanti refrigerator with beer tap; magazine rack and subscriptions to Sports Illustrated, ESPN and GQ (no Vogue?); bike pedal exerciser; cup warmer/cooler and Roto-Rooter emergency service button.

Most people 11,862 hours in the bathroom, but divided by 60 years (average life span) means 197.7 hours a year. Divided by 365 days gives 0.54 hours a day or less than 33 minutes a day.
Is that enough time to turn everything on?