Wilson Center Gets New Media Manager

Adam Hudson has been hired to be media manager at the Wilson Center, a nonpartisan think tank. He’ll work alongside media relations manager Drew Sample.

In a somewhat perplexing teenage text style release, the news was announced this morning.

Did they get training from NYT‘s Jonathan Martin? From the release…

“Adam has spent almost 4 years working on Capitol Hill for two Members of Congress. Before that, he was a national news producer at Fox News in Washington. Prior to joining Fox, Adam was an on-air television reporter for 2 NBC affiliates. His goals will be to create more opportunities through outbound pitches, and generate more incoming requests for our presence on television, domestic and international. We already have a great presence on TV and we think Adam can help us increase that.”

The release, written by Adam Marshall, the Center’s VP of Communications, gets into a little office dynamics. “Drew has been working solo for some time and that has been too large a burden for one individual, however talented and energetic.”

Marshall expresses confidence in the new team. “An important strategic goal for our communications team is to get more opportunities for people in more media. We think Adam and Drew will make a great team to help us do just that,” he wrote. “Both will report to me as part of our broader comms group.”


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